Wealth Advisory Services

…is D&C's core offering, with considerable experience in advising, creating & reviewing global investment portfolios. D&C are authorised and licensed to offer independent advice on wealth generation & protection however the management of the underlying assets are outsourced to selected parties under D&C's guidance.


Wealth Advisory Services

Matching client needs

To begin building trust, D&C take the time to understand the client's immediate challenges & future goals by establishing risk appetite & financial objectives. D&C is independent, & therefore aligns itself to the client's requirements. This allows D&C to deliver a bespoke investment solution to match those needs.

Creating Solutions

D&C is not tied to any one investment manager and has the ability to place clients funds within a selection of discretionary managed portfolios, direct funds or a combination of both. D&C can also advise on the selection of a variety of execution only platforms.